Part D Subscription Plans

From the moment prescription drug plans became available to the public, Mangus Corp has offered a wide selection of Medicare approved Part D plans. Ones medication needs can change in an instant, so its important to know that you are protected by one of the best plans on the market.

Choosing the right plan, however, can be tricky. For instance, there were over 30 plans being offered in Missouri the past few years, so its important to have a trusted agent help you find the plan thats right just for you. We will do that for you.

Each year we will do a free analysis of your drugs and give you a print out of the results utilizing every approved plan in the state. We promise to find the lowest priced, lowest deductible plans that cover the greatest number of medications. Put all worry aside - we are experienced and certified professional drug plan agents. There is no charge for this service. Call us and discuss the details of your prescription drug plan. We broker for most of the major carriers.